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VWG 64+ The content of this article is valid for version 6.4 and later, including v7.x;



The deployment of a VWG application without a business license is bound by the LGPL license details and restrictions, as explained in the description of the LGPL license. Please read the details carefully.

According to the LGPL description you are required to give credit to authors of an LGPL licensed package if you want to use it for free under the LGPL license. Specifically for VWG, the LGPL waiver is one way of giving such credit. If you have an other prference for giving that credit, you may choose to turn off the waiver, provided you are giving credit in a manner that fulfills the LGPL license requirements.


To hide the LGPL waiver you need to:
1. Open the Web.config file of your application for editing.
2. Add the following XML item inside the <WebGUI> section
<ShowLGPLWaiver Mode="Off"/>

Finally,it may be necessary to perform the clear caching procedure for this setting to take effect, as a minimum uppering the PrivateVersion.

Be aware that unless you comply with the licensing conditions that entitle you to remove this waiver, by removing it, you would be breaching the license agreement.

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